We support:


Our Value Proposition:

How we maximize your foundation’s impact

We help you in defining your foundation’s values and in aligning your philanthropic engagement with your foundation purpose to maximize your impact.

Our Service:

You and your foundation’s philanthropic engagement

Helping you in defining/re-defining your foundation’s values and goals and implement them into your strategic philanthropic activities.

Assisting you in defining/re-defining your foundation’s purpose / it’s specifically assigned statutory functions.

Assisting you in aligning your foundation’s values, foundation purpose and foundation goals with your actual engagements.

Assisting you in re-defining your existing engagements and in reviewing your existing giving-strategy.

Helping you in finding the most suited engagements and in implementing them.

Assisting you in managing communications with grantees, beneficiaries and the foundation board.

Assisting you in managing and evaluating inquiries from grant seekers.

Assisting you in making your foundation’s engagements more transparent and communicate them if desired.

Assisting you in measuring and publishing your foundation’s philanthropic value added.

Assisting your foundation board in « facing itself with a mirror » and re-assessing current engagements as ‘checks&balances’ might be missing. Often the foundation board controls itself.

Assisting you in interconnecting with other foundations and organizations active in the same fields of philanthropic engagements and leverage your impact.

  • Helping a foundation to operate more efficiently.
  • Helping a foundation find its most suited engagement(s).
  • Helping a foundation to get a social license to operate.
  • Helping a foundation to measure its value added to society.
  • Helping a foundation to publish its impact.