We support:

Financial Institutions and
Financial Services Firms

Our Value Proposition:

How we bring value to you
and your clients

We assist you in providing your clients with customized and independent philanthropic engagement advice by helping your clients to allocate their individual philanthropic engagement budget (time&money) in the most efficient and most suitable way.

We support you in setting up strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and aligning your CSR-engagements with your firm’s corporate values.

We support you in structuring, setting-up and incubating charitable- and impact investment solutions.

Our Service I:

You and your private clients

Assisting your private banking and sales team in helping your clients to find their way through the philanthropic engagement jungle.

Guiding your clients how to most efficiently engage in philanthropy.

Anticipating the philanthropic needs of your clients by helping them to most efficiently use their philanthropic engagement budget (time & money).

Supporting your clients in determining their individual giving vision. The personal values and preferences of your client are the basis of the individual philanthropic engagement process.

Acting as bridge between you and your clients and diligently taking the drivers seat in coordinating the philanthropic engagement process of your clients. This usually includes: defining your client’s personal philanthropic profile by analyzing your client’s philanthropic values & preferences, giving an individual engagement recommendation, advising on the most suited philanthropic engagement option(s), as well as advice on philanthropic portfolio construction and implementation, evaluation of quality and results, impact measurement.

Helping your client in finding the most suited engagement by using our PVA®-figure. Reviewing existing philanthropic engagements of your clients and maximize their impact by aligning them with the personal giving vision of your client.

Assisting your client in the selection process of the most suited philanthropic giving vehicle(s) and most appropriate legal structure(s).

Advising on the appropriateness of engaging in an existing philanthropic giving structure versus in founding an own charitable giving vehicle.

Assisting your clients in the implementation process.

Supporting your client with value reporting on their philanthropic value added by using our PVA®-figure.

Re-assessing your clients existing engagement(s) by taking dynamic client preferences into account.

Organizing client workshops.

Providing in-house trainings for your private banking team.

Helping you organize events.

  • Building up a long-term client relationship based on true values and trust.
  • Building up reputational capital.
  • Client satisfaction through alignment of personal values and engagement, which enables your client to achieve maximum impact.
  • Passing on of family values.
  • Perception of a more holistic approach of wealth management.
  • Client referrals.

Our Service II:

You and your charitable- and impact investment solutions

Advising in structuring and setting up of charitable fund vehicles and impact investment solutions catalyzing both financial- as well as social return on investment (e.g. hybrid growth vehicles with financial return, charity tranches, impact portfolio).

  • Undertaking of industry surveys / market analysis.
  • Undertaking of due diligence analysis (e.g. of potential fund managers).
  • Taking over project management with involved parties.
  • Preparing shared value and philanthropic value added reporting (PVA®) on the impact of the investment vehicle.

Our Service III:

You and your strategic corporate social responsibility activities

Assisting you in developing and setting up of strategic in-house CSR-activities.

Conduct of strategic positioning research.

Assessing the quality and results of ongoing CSR activities or philanthropic initiatives that have already been implemented.

Aligning existing CSR-strategies with company values and company-strategy.

Evaluating the most suited corporate philanthropic engagement option(s) for you.

Advice on the engagement of corporate sponsorship activities (e.g. due-diligence, analyzing and selecting of proposals, engagement partners and engagement options).

Assisting you in developing shared value strategies.

Aligning shared value strategies with your communication strategies.

Assisting you in developing and setting-up of philanthropic juries and advisory boards.

Assisting you in evaluating the pro-s and con-s of own corporate giving programs versus setting up of an own giving-vehicle (e.g. an own project, a company related foundation or social enterprise engagements).

Setting up of a company-own corporate giving vehicle.

Project management with involved parties.

In-house trainings for your private banking team.

  • Maintain and improve business reputation / brand image.
  • Earn a social license to operate.
  • Create value on a social and individual shared level – beyond financial return.
  • Improve your communication with your key stakeholders.
  • Re-enforce your reputation, image and positioning.
  • Attract media attention.

Our Service IV:

You and your employees

Assisting you in setting up of employee-philanthropic engagement programs aligned with your company values and strategy.

Assisting you in implementing corporate volunteering-programs.

The ability to contribute to larger society as part of a job is an appealing benefit and will help you attract and retain top-talent.

Assisting you in training your employees.

  • Attract and maintain skilled employees.
  • Be an employer of choice.