We know how:

to make the most
out of your giving

We know how:

to guide you through the
philanthropic jungle

As the philanthropic level playing field is becoming more complex, little transparent and global in nature – we give you a hand and guide you through the philanthropic engagement jungle and help you to achieve what is dear to you.

We know how:

to implement your preferred
philanthropic engagements

Today’s philanthropic engagement finds itself at the intersection of social, individual and financial return. The panoply of your preferred philanthropic engagement(s) may range for example from a classical grant on the one end of the scale to impactful venture philanthropy activities on the other end of the scale. In between is a range of numerous sustainable giving tactics like for example investing in charitable- or impact investment fund vehicles, investments in hybrid enterprises or supporting projects with your specific personal or your corporate know-how.

The distribution of pure monetary donations is neither interesting nor sustainable from a business point of view. Investments in hybrid ventures with growth perspective are dissimilarly more attractive and effective.
We help you to implement your most suited engagements by finding these engagements for you and assisting you throughout the entire implementation process.

Our methodology:

a holistic approach tailored to
your needs and preferences

We assist financial institutions and financial services firms, family offices, entrepreneurs and corporates, advisors, foundations and philanthropists in injecting life into their giving vision along the entire philanthropic value chain.

The specific engagement process will depend on your individual needs and preferences as either an individual, a family, a corporation, a financial institution or financial services firm, a foundation or other organization and may include:


  • Personal in-take meeting in order to find out your philanthropic values and preferences
  • Definition of your individual giving-vision and your strategic philanthropic engagement plan/engagement portfolio
  • Recommendation of the most suited giving strategy and engagement option using the PVA-figure®
  • Recommendation of the most suited giving vehicle(s) – including philanthropic structuring
  • Implementation support
  • Re-evaluation of philanthropic preferences to ensure portfolio alignment
  • Impact monitoring and shared value reporting

We know how:

to measure the value
that you create

Philanthropists just like investors want to know that their personal resources are put the most effective use. Similarly company stakeholders (in addition to shareholders) want to know how a company creates social value.

Your individual PVA® is an assessment of the added value of your individual philanthropic engagement.
The PVA®- figure allows you to measure your philanthropic impact beyond the social and the financial return that you create.
The PVA® consists of two elements: Shared Value created by Investment (“SVC-invest”) and Shared Value created by Involvement (“SVC-involve”). “SVC-invest” roots on three elements: the individual benefit of the investment, the social benefit of the investment and the cost of capital. “SVC-involve” roots on the three elements of: individual benefit of the involvement, social benefit of the involvement and the potential cost of the involvement.

Shared Value created by Investment (“SVC-invest”)
Shared Value created by Involvment (“SVC-involve”)
PVA (Philanthropic Value Added)


The elements of PVA at a glimpse: “SVC-invest”

“SVC-invest” (Shared Value created by Investment) generally captures the net value created for society by financial aspects of the philanthropic engagement, that is, by the investment.

The individual benefit of the investment may either derive from direct financial benefits of your investment (return on investment) or from indirect returns, for example, through networking activities with other philanthropists that attract additional business opportunities for the philanthropist.
The social benefit of investment measures the impact and benefit for the beneficiaries and society at large (usually through SRoI-measurement).
The cost of capital is the traditional opportunity cost measure employed for investments and needs to be deducted from both the individual benefit of investment and the social benefit of investment.


The elements of PVA: “SVC-involve”

“SVC-involve” (Shared Value created by Involvement) captures the net value created for society by personal effort aspects of the philanthropic engagement, that is, by the personal involvement and time commitment.
The individual benefit of involvement reflects the utility a philanthropist derives from, for example, acting according to his moral and social preferences. Acting according to your values and preferences can give you a positive feeling towards your identity.
The social benefit of involvement measures the impact for the beneficiaries and the society, e.g. through personal know-how transfer, networking, lobbying or volunteering.
The cost of involvement measures the opportunity costs (how else could time have been employed) and also includes a subjective assessment by the philanthropist of the potential costs (such as perceived danger of sickness in case the philanthropist participates in on-site activities in a developing country). The cost of involvement needs to be deducted from the individual benefit of involvement and the social benefit of involvement.

Our collaboration:

we collaborate with VisibleImpact in implementing impact reporting solutions

VisibleImpact (www.visibleimpact.org) is specialized in software development for impact tracking and communication. VisibleImpact lets organizations manage their projects, visualize data and communicate their social impact.

We know how:

to align your values with your engagement and
maximize your impact

Effective philanthropic activities match with the philanthropist’s motives, the corporate strategy or the foundation purpose. These activities need to “fit and match” the philanthropist’s values and preferences or the values of the respective corporation or foundation.

Dr. Christin ter Braak – Forstinger, LL.M., Founder PVA Advisory GmbH