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Our Value Proposition:

How we maximize your impact

We help you in defining your philanthropic goals and aligning your philanthropic engagement with your personal values and interests.

This will help you to maximize your shared value created on a social, financial and personal level.

Our Service:

You and your personal philanthropic engagement

Listening to what is dear to you and helping you in finding your philanthropic passion and core areas of philanthropic interest.

Guiding you through the philanthropic engagement jungle and helping you in using your philanthropic engagement budget (time&money) most efficiently.

Helping you in diagnosing your individual giving-DNA along the four core-engagement questions :
HOW? Which type of philanthropic engagement(s) do you want to pursue?
WHAT? What do you want to achieve with your engagement?
WHO? Who will be the beneficiary of your engagement? and
WHERE? Where does/shall your engagement take place?

Helping you in finding the best “fit&match“ of your giving vision with your targeted philanthropic engagements.

Helping you in choosing the most suitable philanthropic giving strategy „give“/“grow“/“engage“ and in finding your most suited individual philanthropic engagement option by using the PVA®-figure (Philanthropic Value Added).

Advising you in structuring and setting up of giving vehicles. Advising you on the specific pro’s and con’s of setting up your own giving vehicle (e.g. foundation) versus engaging in an already existing giving vehicle.

Helping you to foster interconnected conversations with likeminded philanthropists.

Guiding you through your giving process and monitor your impact.

  • Personal satisfaction due to match of philanthropic engagement with your personal values and preferences.
  • Sustained philanthropic engagement through identification with your chosen engagement
  • Higher potential to create social impact through alignment of personal values and chosen engagement.