We support:

Family Offices

Our Value Proposition:

How we bring value
to you and your family

We help you in defining the common philanthropic goals of your family and aligning your charitable engagement with your family’s values and core areas of interest.

This will help you in strengthening your family values and in creating a shared value and a measurable impact on a social, financial and on a family level.

Our Service:

You and your family’s philanthropic engagement

We assist you in defining a shared giving vision along your family’s values, history and legacy.

We assist your family in building a common family culture of philanthropy under consideration of family needs, specific family settings, retirement plans or family legacy.

We help you in diagnosing your family’s Giving-DNA along the four core engagement questions and in finding out your family’s deeper meaning beyond the creation of financial wealth:
HOW? Which type of philanthropic engagements do we want to pursue?
WHAT? What do we want to achieve with our engagement?
WHO? Who is the beneficiary of our engagement? and
WHERE? Where does/shall my engagement take place?

We help you in assessing the philanthropic ambitions of your family.

We assist you in evaluating whether to engage in philanthropic activities via own family-office structures or via other charitable vehicles (e.g. foundation, charitable fund, hybrid structures).

We assist you in your cross-border giving intentions.

We assist you in implementing your family’s giving-vision and in measuring results.

We assist you in setting up own family giving vehicles.

We assist you in interlinking your family with families that are active in the same fields of philanthropic engagement as your family to leverage your impact and to become more effective.

  • Common family values help in strengthening family bonds.
  • Your core family values are represented in your philanthropic engagement.
  • Each generation may get involved differently according to their personal values and interests.
  • Passing on of family values / succession planning.
  • Broader recognition of a family’s contribution to society.