We support:

Corporates and Entrepreneurs

Our Value Proposition:

How we maximize
your corporate social value

We help you in creating shared value for you and your key stakeholders by assisting you to implement appropriate philanthropic engagements that foster social change and innovation and that are tailored and aligned to your corporate strategy and activities.

Our Service I:

You and your strategic corporate shared value engagements

Assisting you in defining/re-defining your company values and in setting up of a corporate giving vision.

Assisting you in setting up strategic CSR activities and sustainable engagements by helping you fundamentally making them a part of the strategy of your organization.

Conduct of strategic positioning research and benchmarking.

Assisting you in maximizing corporate social integration by aligning and re-thinking your existing CSR activities with your company values and strategy.

Assisting you in defining/re-defining a balanced set of common company values and societal values and aligning your economic and social goals.

Assisting you in finding the right balance between your corporate resources, long-term business strategy and profit-objectives/economic growth as well as social expectations.

Assisting you in implementing your CSR strategy within your entire organization and finding the most suited engagements for your company: this may include: financial support/grants, investments in hybrid ventures, volunteering endeavors, partnerships with other organizations, setting up-of own giving vehicles (like setting up of an own foundation, etc.)

Supporting you in communicating your corporate social integration activities to your key-stakeholders (social accounting).

Assisting you in measuring results: e.g. stakeholder-reporting on the philanthropic value added of your company. Many firms are already active in the field of CSR, but it is not clear which shared value they actually achieve. Not only shareholders but also other company stakeholders want to know how a company creates social value and ask for disclosure.

Assisting you in capacity-building measures.

Assisting you in evaluating the pro-s and con-s of own corporate giving programs versus setting up of an own giving-vehicle (e.g. an own project, a company related foundation or social enterprise engagements).

Helping you to connect with the right engagement partners, organizations and projects.

Assisting you in setting up of philanthropic juries and advisory boards.

Assisting you in programming and coordinating corporate charitable activities.

Assisting you in setting up charitable events.

  • Maintain or re-enforce your business reputation / brand image / brand differentiation.
  • Increase your competitive advantage by integrating social and environmental issues into your core business strategy.
  • Earn and maintain a social license to operate.
  • Improve your communication with your key stakeholders.
  • Interact with your environment and catalyze economic and social goals jointly.
  • Promote a sustainable business model and create shared value for your business and your key stakeholders.
  • Create shared value on a social and corporate level – beyond financial return.
  • Attract media attention

Our Service II:

You and your employees

Assisting you in setting up of employee-philanthropic engagement programs aligned with your company values and strategy.

Assisting you in implementing corporate volunteering-programs.

The ability to contribute to larger society as part of a job is an appealing benefit and will help you attract and retain top-talent.

Assisting you in training your employees.

  • Attract and maintain skilled employees.
  • Be an employer of choice.